Articole din SCM-Journal


2010. vol.1. nr.1

  1. Supply Chain Excellence through Practicing Collaborative Business Process Standards

2010. vol.1. nr.2

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility in Collaborative Supply Chain of Consumer Goods Industry and Retail
  2. Demand Side Management of a Supply Chain Through Assortment Optimization. Merchandising Tools
  3. New Product Introduction in the Consumer Goods Industry. A Project Management Vision

2011. vol.2. nr.1

  1. Collaborative Management. End-to-end Value Chain
  2. Consumer and Shopper Satisfaction. Measurement of Collaborative Supply Value Chain

2011. vol.2. nr.2

  1. Performance Management of Supply Chain Using Balanced Scorecard In Nonprofit Organizations
  2. Category Management for Non Alcoholic Drinks – Case Study Tymbark Maspex Romania

2012. vol.3. nr. 1

  1. New Ideas for the Next Generation of ECR and SCM. (from 2012 ECR-Europe Conference)

2012. vol.3 nr.2

  1. Category Management for Consumer and Shopper Journey
  2. Customer Expectations Management in Store Management

2013. vol.4 nr.1

  1. The Financial Supply Chain Management
  2. Supply Chain Risk Management. Creating the Resilient Supply Chain
  3. Customer experience management. Case Study

2013. vol.4 nr.2

  1. Efficient Healthcare Consumer Response
  2. Reengineering the Procurement Processes

2014. vol.5 nr.1

  1. Category Management for Consumer and Shopper Journey.Case Study: Dairy Category Management
  2. Supply Chain Risks Management (SCRM).Case study: Steel Industry OTELINOX
  3. Quality in Service Industry and Customer Experience Management (CEM).Case study: Restaurant Industry

2014. vol.5 nr.2

  1. Food Supply Chain Management

2015. vol.6 nr.1

  1. Food Safety and Traceability in Food Services Sector
  2. Reverse Supply Chain Managemen in dairy production

2015. vol.6 nr.2

  1. Food Safety and Traceability in Food Services Sector. Case Study: Restaurant