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Address: 2nd N. Radian Street, Bl. O1, App. 23, Targoviste,130062, Dambovita County, Romania

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Virgil Popa


03 December 1951, Vâlcea County, Romania

Marital status

married, 2 children


1970 –1975 –  Faculty of Economic Cybernetics and Statistics, Academy of Economics Studies, Bucharest

1978 -1983 – School of Law, Bucharest University

June 2000 – Doctor of Cybernetics and Economical Statistics, Academy of Economics Studies, Bucharest

December 2002 – Fast university course for teachers (3rd cycle), Leonardo da Vinci, RO/2002?89157/EX, University of Littoral, Côte d’Opale, Dunkerque, France

Business activity

1975 – 1978 – Special Steelworks, Targoviste, Economist

1979 – 1984 – Special Steelworks, Targoviste, Computer programming analyst

1984 1990 – State Commercial Enterprise for Public Alimentation, Targoviste, Director

1990 – 2000 – RESCOPA S.A., Targoviste (Member of CIES – The Food Business Forum, with headquarters in Paris – New York – Tokyo – Singapore). Field of activity: food production and retailing, restaurants, confectionery and pastry shops

CEO and President of the Board

2000 – 2001 – RESCOPA S.A., Targoviste, President of the Board

1990 – 2000 – SIEPMANNN AGREMENT CHINDIA SRL, Targoviste (German-Romanian joint-venture), President of the Board & Executive Director

1996 – 1997 – EUROFINANCES S.A. Targoviste (financial investments company)

Member of the Board

1992 – 1994 – RESCORN S.A. Tragoviste, President of the Board

1994 – 2003 – RESPAN S.A. Targoviste, President of the Board; Administrator

May – June 2001 – National Accumulation Fund, President of the Trust Council

Academic activity

1992 – 2000 – Lecturer at the Valachia University of Targoviste, Faculty of Economic Studies.

2000 – 2004 – Assistant Professor; Valachia University of Targoviste

2004 – present Professor, Valachia University of Targoviste, Courses: Quality Management, Strategic Management, Performance Management; Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management; Project Management

2000 – 2011 – Director of the ECR Department, Valachia University of Targoviste

1994 – 2000; 2002 – 2004 – Member of the Professorial Council of the Faculty of Economics

1994 – 2000, 2004 – 2008 – Member of the Senate, Valachia University of Targoviste

2001 – 2005 – Director of the Economical College, Valachia University of Targoviste

2002 – 2003 – Associated Professor – Moldova Academy of Economics Studies, Master – Management course „Competition Strategies”

2004 – 2005 – Associated Professor, “Petru Maior” University Targu Mures, Master- Management, “Projects Management”, course “Inter-organizational Management”

National scientific activity

Author and co-author:

16 – books (7 standalone, 9 co-author and coordinated)

45 – articles ISI and B+

21 – papers at international conferences published

49 – articles in national magazines and university annals

66 – scientific communications in conferences and symposiums (30 in volumes)

Author of 39 articles publicized in “Monitorul Comertului Romanesc”, “Adevarul Economic”, “Economistul”, “Marketing-Management” and Co

Participated at 29 Academic Scientific Sessions

Author of:

„Enterprise Management Strategies”, 1997, Editor Macarie, Targoviste;

„Enterprise Strategies and Policies”, 1999, Editor Macarie, Targoviste;

,,ECR – Efficient Consumer Response – Strategies, Policies, Techniques and Tools”, 2000, Editor Economica, Bucharest;

„Consumer Goods Quality Management”, 2002, Editor Macarie, Targoviste;

“Inter-organizational managerial strategies”, Editor Bibliotheca, Targoviste, 2004

„Management and performance measurement of the organisation”, Editor Valachia University Press, Targoviste, 2005;

„Food safety and traceability of the food products”, Editor University Press, Targoviste, 2005 (coordinated and author);

„Supply Chain Management in Consumer Goods and Retail”, Valachia University Press, 2009;

Globalization. Education and Management Agendas, Chapter 10: Global standards for Supply Chain Management in Consumer Packaged Goods Industry, ISBN 978-953-51-0702-6, INTECH, Rijeka, Croatia, 2012;

„Supply Chain Management Fundamental and Support Elements”, Czestochowa Polytechnic, Poland, 2013;

“Project Management”, Valahia University Press, 2014,

Supply Chain Management for Efficient Consumer Response, ZVEN & Valahia University Press, 2017, 822 pages

International scientific activity

8 – Contracts for Scientific Research

2003 – 2000 – Member of RCR Europe Academic Partnership

2003 – 2014 – member of CEDIMES Institute, Paris

2008 – 2013 – Member of CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals)

Activity at national level

1996 – present – The Romanian Committee of Distribution, affiliated to AIDA, Brussels, Member of the Board

2002 – 2004 – Member of the Coordination Committee of PHARE RO 0006-09 Program

2003 – 2008 – Member of “Reflexion Group – Domestic Trade, present and European outlook”, organized by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and Bucharest and the Agency for IMM

Participation at international reunions


October – The 1st World Marketing and Merchandising Forum, Nice, France,


October – Le 15e Salon International de l’alimentation, Paris, France


The 20th Congress of the Romanian-American Academy of Science and Art, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, USA


January – The 1st Official ECR Europe Conference, Geneva, Switzerland

July – Retailing in Europe, “New strategies for a new context” 22nd AIDA Congress,Vienna, Austria


June – The 22nd Romanian-American Academy of Science and Art Congress, Targoviste

Octobre – “Organiser la chaine d’approvisionnement dans une économie en développement », Prague, Check Republic


February – The 4th International Seminar on Category Management, Geneva, Switzerland

April – The 3rd Official ECR Europe Conference, Hamburg, Germany

May – Quality Management Assurance and Education, Euroqualrom, “Politehnica” University, Bucharest

June – The 41st CIES–The Food Business Forum Annual Congress „In the Eye of the Tigers”, Singapore, Singapore


April – The 4th Official ECR Europe Conference, „Consumer Value”, Paris 

June – The 42nd CIES Annual Executive Congress, “Value and Values in the New Century”, Stockholm, Sweden


March – The ECR Europe Millennium Conference “Changing Consumer, Changing times”, Torino, Italy

July – The 25th Romanian-American Academy of Science and Art Congress, Cleveland, Ohio, USA


April – The 7th Official ECR Europe Conference „Supplying consumer now!”, Barcelona


May – The 2003 Official ECR Europe Conference & Mark TinyMCE editoretplace „On The Shop Floor (Together)”, Berlin

May – 53eme Congres de l’Association Internationale Des Economistes de Langue Française – Athènes 26-28 May 2003 „Monnaie, convergence et croissance”

September – 3rd International ECR Academic Research Symposium – Athens


May – The ECR Europe 2004 Brussels Conference & Marketplace, “Shared learning, better shopping”

September – 4-th International ECR Research Symposium, ”In the Consumers` shoes: Why, how and Where are they walking to?”, Milano


Aprilie – The 2005 Official ECR Europe Conference Marketplace, Paris


May – The 2006 Official ECR Conferance Marketplace, Stockholm

September – 5-th International ECR Research Symposium „The Moment of Truth”, Stockholm University


May – The 2007 official ECR Conference Marketplace „Innovate to grow”, Milan

October – ’Tomorrow’ s Supply Chain: Efficient,Transparent, Sustainable” – CIES SUPPLY CHAIN CONFERENC, Prague


April – CSCMP Europe 2008 – European Research Seminars, Brussels, Belgium

April – CSCMP Europe 2008 – Brussels, Belgium

May – The 13th Official ECR Conference Marketplace – „Creating Sustainable Shopping Value”, Berlin



May – CSCMP Europe 2009 – European Research Seminars, Copenhagen, Denmark

May – CSCMP Europe 2009 – Copenhagen, Denmark

June – The 14 th Official ECR Conference Marketplace – Barcelona


April – The 15 th Official ECR Conference Marketplace – Brussels

June – CSCMP Europe 20011 – European Research Seminars, Barcelona, Spain

June – CSCMP Europe 2009, Barcelona, Spain


May – The 16th Official ECR Conference Marketplace – Brussels


May – The 16th Official ECR Conference Marketplace – Brussels


23 – 26 September – World Exhibition – Future Store (Carlo Ratti’s supermarket of the future) Milano


May 28 – June 7 – Internship at the Polytechnic University, Czestochowa

Krakow at an international IEE conference, Czestochowa


April 1st – April 7th – International IEE Conference, Warshaw


ASM – SCM conference, Chisinau


ASM – SCM conference, Chisinau


May – E2E Value Chain (TCGF), Transportation Spring Board, Barcelona

Contributions and achievements

Pioneering activity in the ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) managerial theory and practice:

          • publication, for the first time in Romania, of the ECR concepts;
          • organizer, through RESCOPA, with support from the Romanian Committee of Distribution and the “Valachia” University of Targoviste, of The 1st National ECR Symposium – 6 December 1996 and The 2nd National ECR Symposium – 26 September 1997
          • implementation of the ECR managerial concepts and instruments in a Romanian enterprise – RESCOPA S.A.: Category Management, Efficient Replenishment, Value Chain Analysis, EDI
          • initiator, within the Romanian academic environment, of the ECR Department at “Valachia” University, Targoviste, May 2000
          • organizer: „ECR Academic Partnership Symposium – Romania” in 2005, 2006, 2009 and „ SCM 4 ECR International Conference” in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019;

Founder and Editor-in-Chief „Supply Chain Management Journal”, 2010,


“Who is Who / What is What “, Institutions and specialists in Management from Romania, Yearbook (1995-1996);

“The Dictionary of Specialists in Science and Technology, 2000”, Tehnica Press, 2000;

“Man of the Year 2001”, The American Biographical Institute Member of “The Research Board of Advisors”, The American Biographical Institute, 2002

“Protagonists of the Economic Life “, Economica Press, 2002 “Who’s Who in Romania”, Pegasus Press, Bucharest, 2002

“The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership” Eleventh Edition, The October 2007’American Biographical Institute, 2003

“Personalities and representative organisations from quality ground in Romania”, IRCE (European Institute for Education and Quality), 1St Edition, Bucharest, 2004


        1. Benchmarking: Romcarbon, UM 02512, Mirsand, Teleelectron, Top Cronstruct, Rom Electric Group, Roval Group, Romtrans, Ardaf, Bipeda Alarm, Bipeda, Institutul pentru tehnologie avansata, Electromagnetica, Avioane Craiova, UM 1434, General Conf Grup, Romprim, UTI Grup, UTI Systems, Maguay Impex, Teletehnika Engeneering, A-E Electronics;
        2. Strategic Planning with Deployment Objectives. The system: The Balanced Scorecard: Romatsa, Mat Craiova, Luxten;
        3. Supply Chain Management: Director of Programme at FIATEST- (Cramele Halewood., Uniconf, Chircu Prod-Impex., Constam Metal si Indutriale, Constam Constructii si AmbientT);
        4. Strategic Planning: Project Phare 2005/017 – 553. Quality Management. Safety & traceability at ROMALIMENTA, March 2008;
        5. Strategic Planning with Deployment Measurable Objectives: Project Phare/2005/017-553.04.02; Valahia University of Targoviste for: Petrom, Petromservice and Conpet –Dambovita, Arges and Prahova County


French – advanced


English – medium


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